4 January 2022

Trial Databases

AKBES (Academic Information and Education System)

AKBES is a database that includes Academic Trainings, Professional Development Trainings, Instructor Trainings specific to each field for participants at Associate, Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctorate levels and offers Turkish-English language options in many trainings. It also includes training for everyone who wants to improve themselves, regardless of their education level. In addition to visual and audio resources, you can access 24/7 including online and offline lectures and Live Webinar Events. Depending on the nature of the education, it offers the opportunity to document the education you have received on every platform with e-devlet approved certificates issued through contracted institutions.


Currently, there are more than 18,000 video articles and course content in JoVE. Video articles in JoVE content, which are updated daily, are indexed by authority sources such as PubMed/Medline, ChemAbstracts, SciFinder and Scopus; Citations are shown in publications that guide scientific studies such as Nature, Cell, PNAS and PLoS. Presenting the content visually to the user allows the points that may be missed in the written text to be understood better and more easily and saves time for the users. To use the relevant database, you must register with your corporate e-mail address.