4 May 2021

General Rules and Policies

  • You should not enter the library with food or drink (except bottled water) and tobacco products should not be smoked.
  • Users are required to mute their mobile phones when entering the library.
  • Group work should not be done at desks and work should not be done out loud.
  • Books are placed on the shelves according to the LC classification system. Books taken from the shelves should not be placed on the shelves, they should be left on the tables.
  • Publications in the library are protected by an electronic security system. Publications should not be taken outside the library without permission. If deemed necessary, all kinds of bags and personal belongings can be searched by library staff.
  • Those who do not comply with the library rules, cause difficulties, prevent library staff from performing their duties, or disrupt the discipline and peace within the library are made to leave the library by the librarian.
  • Bags or personal belongings cannot be left in the library without the owner being identified. Items left or forgotten in the library are sent to security by the library staff and no responsibility is accepted.