4 May 2021

Library Rules and Policies

  • Altınbaş University students, all administrative and academic staff, as well as external users can benefit from library resources.
  • Students are required to show their university ID cards during borrowing transactions.
  • Books cannot be loaned to students who do not have a university ID card. You cannot borrow books with someone else’s card.
  • Encyclopedias, dictionaries, periodicals, reference sources, audio-visual materials, theses and projects cannot be loaned.
  • The library management has the right to request the loaned material back before it expires, if deemed necessary. In this case, the user is obliged to return the publication within 3 (three) days.
  • All responsibility for the loaned material belongs to the borrower until it is returned. The loan is for a certain period of time. For student, graduate and administrative staff user groups, if the refund period has not expired, an additional refund period of 15 (fifteen) days may be granted for one (one) time. The additional refund period for academic staff is 30 (thirty) days for 1 (one) time.
  • Users with overdue books can not borrow books or extend the return period without returning the books and paying the book delay fee. Once the book is returned and the overdue is paid, users can borrow the material.
  • From the library; Students have the right to purchase 3 (three) books for 15 (fifteen) days, graduate students have the right to purchase 5 (five) books for 1 (one) month, and academic staff have the right to purchase 10 (ten) books for 4 (four) months. The table showing the number of books and loan periods by user is as follows:
User Type Number of Books Loan Period Additional Return Period
Student 3 Books 15 Days 15 Days
Master’s and Doctoral Students 5 Books 30 Days 15 Days
Administrative Staff 3 Books 15 Days 15 Days
Academical Staff 10 Books 120 Days 30 Days
  • External users can use our libraries for research purposes and cannot borrow publications, with written permission from the Library and Documentation Department.
  • Graduate students cannot benefit from the library loan service. However, they can benefit from in-library services free of charge. Group study rooms can be loaned in exchange for a graduate ID. (Priority to active students). Article requests can be made in printed form from other university libraries for a fee. They can use the areas and computers available 24/7 in each campus.