4 May 2021

Group Study Rooms Policy

1) Group study rooms are for the use of groups consisting of at least 2 people.
2) First fifteen minutes later, if you come late, you have topped a 10TL for every fifteen minutes.
3) The room key will be given in exchange for the identification cards of the users who want to benefit from the room.
4) The rooms can be used maximum of 2 hours. No extension and no reservation.
5) Materials and equipment must be used carefully and neatly. Chairs are not allowed to move between the rooms.
6) The conversation between students in the room must be on a level that does not disturb the others.
7) The room must not be locked when in use.
8) After use, the equipment of the room must be left as received. The users having left their ID cards are responsible for the room key, the user must pay 10TL.
9) After the use of the room is completed, the room key should be delivered by users.
10) You should pay a penalty for delay at your University bank. (Denizbank Account No: 9130-9681319-351 IBAN: TR76 0013 4000 0096 8131 9000 01) After paying the penalty. You should go to the Financial Affairs department to submit your penalty receipt. After that, you should deliver it.
11) No food and beverage are allowed. (Only bottled water)
12) Making calls are not allowed.