4 May 2021

Group Study Rooms Policy

  • The use of rooms is possible to the extent of their capacity. Chairs should not be allowed to enter and exit the room from other halls.
  • The reservation of those who exceed the reservation time by 15 minutes will be canceled and the room will be given to other groups.
  • The room key is given by obtaining the identity documents of the users who want to use the room.
  • Rooms must remain empty for cleaning and ventilation for half an hour after the working group leaves.
  • Rooms are for 1,5 hours of use, the duration may be extended if there is no subsequent reservation.
  • Users whose usage time exceeds “15” minutes cannot benefit from the group study room facility and cannot borrow material from the library for 1 month.
  • Equipment should be used carefully and cleanly.
  • Conversations should be made at a level that does not disturb other people.
  • The room should not be kept locked during use.
  • After use, the equipment belonging to the room should be left as received. Users who leave identity cards are responsible for rooms and equipment.
  • Food and drink should not be consumed in the rooms, except for bottled water and capped beverages.
  • Cell phones should be set to silent use.
  • Movies, videos other than education should not be watched and loud music should not be listened to in the rooms.
  • Technical equipment in the room should not be interfered with, help should be sought from the librarian.
  • You can contact our Library for any questions. (kutuphane@altinbas.edu.tr)

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