4 May 2021


1.  Where are Altınbaş University Libraries located?

Altınbaş University Libraries serve as Mahmutbey Technology Campus, Bakırköy Health Sciences Campus, Gayrettepe Social Sciences Campus and Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital Library.

2. Who can use Altınbaş University Libraries?

It is open to everyone who is a member of Altınbaş University. Our library is closed to external users.

3. What are the library working hours?

Click here to see the library working hours.

4. What are the library rules and how can I get them in writing?

Library usage rules vary depending on user type. For detailed information, see the “Rules” page. Click to access the Library Directive.

5. Can we bring food and drinks with us to the library?

Except for water, food, beverages, tobacco products and alcohol are not allowed in the library.

6. How can I reach the librarian?

Librarians should be contacted to obtain resource and usage information on a particular subject. Librarians working at the information desk direct research, assist in the use of resources, and answer any research questions. For any of your problems, you can send an e-mail to kutuphane@altinbas.edu.tr.

7. How can I search the information resources in the library?

You can search all printed resources in the “Library Catalog” from the library web page.

8. Does the library provide photocopying/printing services?

Photocopying service is not allowed in the library, but there is a store in the building where you can get photocopying service.

9. Can I have an entire book or journal photocopied?

According to copyright practices, no more than 10% of a book or an article of the same issue of a journal can be photocopied.

10. Is there internet access in the library?

There are desktop computers with internet access in the Computer Department of our library. All users can use computers with their own passwords. Additionally, wireless internet service is provided.

11. How do I log in to the computers in the library?

You can log in to the computers in the library with your student e-mail address and password.

Username: xxxxxxxxx@ogr.altinbas.edu.tr

Password: Your e-mail password

12. How many materials do I have the right to borrow as a library user?

Materyal ödünç alma hakkı kullanıcı türüne göre değişiklik gösterir. Ayrıntılı bilgi için; “Ödünç Verme Kuralları” sayfasına bakınız.

The right to borrow materials varies by user type. For more information; See the “Library Rules” page.

13. How to borrow library materials?

You have to register as a member at the Information Desk in the library. For the next borrowing transactions, you only need to present your ID card.

14. How can I extend the return period for the material I borrowed?

Librarians working at the information desk in the library carry out all transactions. You can also perform these transactions by sending an e-mail to kutuphane@altinbas.edu.tr, or if you wish, you can make an extension through your “Library Account“.

15. Can I borrow a material on behalf of someone else or extend the usage period of the material?

To borrow materials and extend time, the user must be present. Returns can only be made on behalf of someone else.

16. How can I check my library account?

Click on the “My Library Account” link on the library website. On the page that opens, you log in by entering your username and password.

17. What should I do if the material I want is borrowed by another user?

If an material has been borrowed by someone else, a reserve can be placed on that material . After the material is brought back to the library, it is kept at the Information Desk for 3 days for the user who reserved it. Additionally, notifications are made by an e-mail.

18. May I know who borrowed the material?

User information is kept confidential.

19. What is the delay debt by the library for overdue materials?

A daily delay debt of 1 TL is applied for each material whose return is delayed.

20. Where and how can I pay the delay debt?

You can pay the library delay debt by making a Money Order/EFT transaction using the account information down below. In the description section: Name-Surname, Student No. and “Library Delay Debt” must be written.


IBAN: TR76 0013 4000 0096 8131 9000 01

Do not forget to send your receipt to kutuphane@altinbas.edu.tr. If you do not send it, your library delay debt will not be deleted from your library account.

21. I lost the material I borrowed, what should I do?

If the material borrowed by the member is lost or damaged beyond use, the member is asked to provide the same material. If it cannot be supplied; The member who loses or damages the material will be charged a loss debt and current supply fee for each material. The daily delay debt for the material whose return date has passed will be collected separately from the member. Due to the loss of the material, the necessary transaction fee is charged separately from the member.

22. I caused the material I borrowed to damage out, what should I do?

All responsibility for the borrowed material belongs to the user. The page of the book is broken, worn out, liquid is spilled on it, etc. In such cases, the librarian has the right not to accept a refund. In this case, the user must provide the same material.

23. Can I borrow periodicals?

Periodicals are used only within the library. It cannot be taken out of the library.

24. Can I borrow Audio-Visual materials?

No CDs, DVDs or VCDs other than the movie archive can be loaned. It is used only within the Library. To benefit from the movie archive, see the “Rules” page.

25. What can I do if the material I want is not available the library?

You can submit your publication requests to us by logging in via “My Library Account” and filling out the Publication Request Form the Book Request tab.

26. Can I benefit from interlibrary loan service?

Only Altınbaş University Academicians can benefit from the interlibrary loan service. Our academics must make a request by filling out the ILL form. For detailed information, see the “Rules” section.

27. How can I access electronic resources?

You can access e-journals, e-books and e-resources in subscribed and trial databases from the Open Access, E-journals and Databases section on our website.

28. What should I do to access databases remotely?

You can access databases on campus without requiring a username and password. Click to log in from off campus.

Username: xxxxxxxxx@ogr.altinbas.edu.tr

Password: Your e-mail password

29. Where can I go for my lost items?

Bags, coats, etc. in the library. Personal belongings should not be left behind. The Library is not responsible for lost or forgotten items. Items left/forgotten in the library are delivered to Security.

30. My application was not approved by the library during the dismissal process, what should I do?

Members who have materials on them or who have book overdue debts on them from previous periods will not be approved for dismissal unless they return the material on them and/or unless the overdue debt is paid.

31. How can I make a reservation for Group Study Rooms in the library?

You can make a reservation by scanning the QR code at the Library Information Desks. Click here to reserve Group Study Rooms.

32. I want to create a Turnitin account, what should I do?

Turnitin accounts are not created for students by the library. In Turnitin, classes are created by scholars. Our teachers share class code and password information with students. Students who want to use Turnitin can contact the advisor academician, request class information, and register and log in with this information.

33. How can I follow the library’s current announcements?

Click to access all announcements from the announcements tab on the library’s home page. You can follow us via Instagram account.

34. Are there library services for visually impaired students?

Our library has a corporate membership to Boğaziçi University Visually Impaired Technology and Education Laboratory (GETEM), which has over 40,000 audio works. You can contact us regarding the issue at kutuphane@altinbas.edu.tr.